The Parish of St. Nicholas Hardenhuish - The Church on the Hill  

Shrove Tuesday 13th February
Ash Wednesday 14th February
Maundy Thursday 29th March
Good Friday 30th March
Easter Day 1st April


New Bishop of Bristol - statement of need can be found by following the link below


St. Nicholas Church is now open for prayer / coffee each Tuesday morning 10.30 - 11.30
All welcome.

Music at St Nicholas

Is there anyone with keyboard or musical skills interested in expanding the team to help lead the

music in services at St Nicholas Church?
Please get in touch ... Geoffrey Woodman 01249 657532 or Barbara Wood 01249 655413. Thank you


Olive Branch

Olive Branch Counselling Services are looking for new Trustees and a Treasurer.
We have a strong and experienced team at present. As the charity grows and develops we believe we would benefit from
broader experience and greater depth. Olive Branch offers Counselling to people over a large geographical area within North Wiltshire to many people at an affordable price.
If you are interested in joining this growing charity or would like to know more please contact the Chair of Trustees Adrian Foster on 07979438700 or


Please note that the mid week Holy Communion services are now back at
St. Paul's Church,
at 10:00am



Nicene Creed – We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ

When the lordship of Jesus is a settled issue in the Christian’s life, all other issues are settled – how is this

true in your everyday life?

Jesus was fully God, and fully human. Do you agree and if not who do you say Jesus is?

Jesus “I am the bread of life”

Why is it that we so often are more attracted to the things that God gives us rather than God the giver?

Why will the things of this world never truly satisfy our deepest hunger?

The PCC decided at its half year financial review
to donate 10% of its last six months income to be shared between
Julia’s House, The Bible Society, Alabare and Wyclliffe.

St. Paul’s Church are organising a trip to the
Holy Land 29th Nov—6th Dec 2018.

Full details are available from Rev. Simon Dunn



From the Diocese of Bristol Diary

Archdeacon’s Visitations Date:Thursday 10 May 2018 Time:19:30 –21:00 Location:St Cyriac, Lacock, SN15 2LB

C2: Safeguarding Leadership
C2 Leadership Safeguarding is mandatory training for all those with Permission to Officiate,
Licenced Lay Ministers, Churchwardens, Parish Safeguarding Officers and leaders of activities for children and vulnerable Adults.
Organised by:Diocesan Safeguarding Team Booking:EventBrite
Date: Saturday 12 May 2018 Time:10.00 –13.00 Location: St Peter’s, Chippenham

C5: Safeguarding Refresher
This is a short course to bring your safeguarding knowledge up to date with current practice and guidance.
This course is for anybody whose training needs to be renewed (i.e. after 3+ years) whatever the previous level of safeguarding training undertaken was.
Organised by:Diocesan Safeguarding Team Booking: EventBrite
Date:Tuesday 22 May 2018 Time: 16.00  – 18.00 Location: St Peter’s, Chippenham


Please remember …

Our churchyard is a lovely, peaceful place, despite its proximity to the road.
Many people come to tend the graves of those they have loved and lost, and spend a few moments remembering them.
Sadly, recent visitors have been distressed to find the area being inappropriately used by someone exercising a dog.
We welcome everyone to come and visit the churchyard, but please remember that for many it is the last resting place of someone they loved, and they regard it as a sacred space.



If you would like to help with floral decorations for St. Nicholas please see Mary Clarke


The Parochial Church Council
(PCC) for 2017 - 2018 consists of Churchwardens Paul Davis and Mark Sheppard; Treasurer Angela McClean, Secretary Deborah Loveday and Deanery Representative Helen McCann. Other members are Brenda Bird, Judith Eckersley and Cynthia Smith. The team clergy are also members. Electoral roll officer is Mary Clarke.

To see the minutes please ask Deborah.


Dates for your diary!

Women’s Union

2018 Dates

March 1st


Annual General Meeting

March 15th


Bring Summer into Winter

March 29th


Maundy Thursday service


Please Note - when the hall is unavailable meetings will be held in St. Paul's Church


Details Barbara Wood 655413



Disarmed by the unbelievable truth - Rt Revd Lee Rayfield

As Advent moves to the celebration of Christmas, Bishop Lee reflects on its life transforming nature.

Can I understand why so many people find the tenets of the Christian faith impossible to believe? Of course I can. Accepting that there is a Creator and Sustainer of our incomprehensibly vast universe who is interested in a planet the size of a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert is one thing. Imagining that this God is not only deeply personal but has entered into his own creation as a totally dependent and vulnerable human being strains credibility. It seems that Christians are expected to believe a great deal more than Alice in Wonderland’s six impossible things before breakfast.

And yet for over 2000 years, from ancient to contemporary times, intelligent, thoughtful, reflective women and men have found this unbelievable truth to be the bedrock of their worldview; the insight which colours and informs their sense of identity, their meaning and purpose for existence, and the way they endeavour to live out their daily life. Across the globe the names given to the babe of Bethlehem, Saviour and Emmanuel (God with us) have become an existential reality for millions, even in the most unpromising and testing circumstances when hope appears to have evaporated and God seems to have vanished.

I can understand why people might believe the universe is essentially a product of chance, the consequence of purely random events with no underlying purpose. That it has created a planet such as our own is wonderful yet holds no extrinsic meaning. That said, every Christmas time there will be a few more people who start with this conviction but glimpse a deeper reality and take a step closer to the seemingly unbelievable. The God who is uniquely encountered in the person of Jesus has a habit of disarming our defences and opening us to a reality which begins to transform each of us, and through us the world, from the inside out.

May you, or someone close to you, discover more of this unbelievable truth this Christmas and find the faith, hope, and love, which is not only at the centre of this season but the universe itself.

+ Lee