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The Whole Life – Stuff

Matthew 6: 24-34 & Job 1: 20-21

Are you addicted to acquiring more and more stuff?   

Is Jesus against personal possessions?

1 Chronicles 29:11 NIV

•  What do we understand by “for everything”?

•  When we use these words of David in worship as we receive the offering, we don’t just mean money.  
We refer to all we have and all we are (inc our very selves).

How will that change the way you live your life this week?

Ven Christine Froude, Archdeacon of Malmesbury, on holding on to worries

A young woman confidently walked around the room while carrying in her raised hand, a glass of water. 

She was leading a training day on wellbeing. She asked "How heavy is this glass of water?"

She smiled as answers ranged from 250 -500 grms. She took her time and then replied. "The weight of this glass of water doesn't matter, what matters is how long I hold it.....

“If I hold it for a minute it's not a problem… 

“If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm… 

“If I hold it for a day, someone will need to call an ambulance!

“The longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes." 

She went on to say: "That is the way it is with worry! If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on...

“As with the glass of water, so it is with the worry in our lives, sooner or later we have to lay it down, or we will be overcome by it."

Jeremiah had a lot to worry about; as a prophet, he had a very tough job.

He had the task of telling the nation of Judah that God was deeply angered by their constant disobedience to his commands and their continued worship of false gods.

Jeremiah warned them that punishment was coming, Not just a time of austerity, But that they would leave their country and become immigrant slaves in another land.

Scripture tells us that the people were contemptuous in their response to Jeremiah's warnings. He was aghast that the people had turned their back on God and rejected the warning they had been given.

Jeremiah was a very worried man.

And then God speaks and reminds Jeremiah and the people of his faithfulness: "For surely I know the plans I have for you, Plans for your welfare and not your harm, To give you a future with hope." (Jeremiah 29:11)

We worry too. About the current political upheaval , not only in our own country but in places as diverse as North Korea, Afghanistan and even the USA.

We worry about the enormous population movements as many in the Middle East flee from war and persecution.

We worry about the disregard for international law and order as innocent people are mow down in Las Vegas, Barcelona, Nice, London and other cities across our world.

Perhaps though your worries aren't "out there." Perhaps your worries are inside you:

    Secret concerns about your health,

    Private worries about your marriage,

    Hidden fears for your children and grandchildren,

    Concealed anxieties about the direction your life is taking.

Today, and every day, we all have a choice before us. We can carry that glass of water, that worry, until we are overcome by it. Or we can lay it down and choose to believe God's promise.

"For surely I know the plans I have for you, plans for your welfare not for harm, to give you a future with hope."

The source of our worry may still be there, but offering each day to God in prayer reassures out souls that God is with us and will never forsake us.

Whatever you may be worrying about today, May the peace of God that passes all understanding, be yours.



Message from Revelation CRC.

It is now definite that Revelation CRC will be closing both its shop and charity in the New Year.  We will be trading normally until Christmas and will still be able to place customer orders until then.  This will be followed by a big Sale of remaining stock throughout January before our final day of trading on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

Please come and join us for our last Christmas and make it the best yet!

 01249 463227


St. Paul’s Church are organising a trip to the
Holy Land 29th Nov—6th Dec 2018.

Full details are available from Rev. Simon Dunn



Please remember …

Our churchyard is a lovely, peaceful place, despite its proximity to the road.
Many people come to tend the graves of those they have loved and lost, and spend a few moments remembering them.
Sadly, recent visitors have been distressed to find the area being inappropriately used by someone exercising a dog.
We welcome everyone to come and visit the churchyard, but please remember that for many it is the last resting place of someone they loved, and they regard it as a sacred space.


Dick says:-

St. Nicholas' Parochial Church Council has agreed to the request from The Diocese of Bristol to increase our parish share from £12,120 per annum to £15,800 per annum.

The parish share (previously known as quota) is the amount a parish pays to the diocese as a contribution towards its share of ministry and ministry support costs. These costs include stipendiary clergy, future ministers (e.g. curates), minister support and support for schools and those parishes which cannot afford these costs.

Increasing our 'gift' to the diocese by 30% is an act of faith. The step was taken because the PCC wants to act both responsibly and generously.

Beside the parish share, the PCC still has to find the money for the running costs, upkeep and repair of our Grade II church and churchyard.

If you feel the time is right for you to increase your giving then please talk to Angela the PCC treasurer.



If you would like to help with floral decorations for St. Nicholas please see Mary Clarke


The Parochial Church Council
(PCC) for 2017 - 2018 consists of Churchwardens Paul Davis and Mark Sheppard; Treasurer Angela McClean, Secretary Deborah Loveday and Deanery Representative Helen McCann. Other members are Brenda Bird, Judith Eckersley and Cynthia Smith. The team clergy are also members. Electoral roll officer is Mary Clarke.

To see the minutes please ask Deborah.


Dates for your diary!

Women’s Union

November 2nd


Poetry and prose

November 16th


Crafts/board games + bring and buy

November 30th



December 14th



Please Note - when the hall is unavailable meetings will be held in St. Paul's Church



Details Barbara Wood 655413



As the Rt Revd Mike Hill prepares to retire as Bishop of Bristol on 30 September 2017, he has written a final letter to parishes in the Diocese of Bristol.

The letter, which can be read below, sets out his commitment to resourcing new ministers, calling for churches to pray for, equip and release a new generation of workers into the harvest field and specifically those to lead our churches:


“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into the harvest field.” Luke 10:2

As a convert to the Christian faith, my passion has been to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ. In parish ministry, I sought to lead churches where people could hear the Good News, deepen their faith and transform their communities. I have tried to encourage our churches to do the same in their tradition and their context.

Our society is in desperate need of God. Like the crowds Jesus encountered, people are “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd”. As I retire, the Church of England is rediscovering its mission to the nation. The harvest is plentiful and we have hope for the future. But we must face our challenges if that harvest is to be reaped.

The particular challenge I want to leave you with is to pray for, resource and release a new generation of workers into the harvest field and specifically those to lead our churches.

A growing and hopeful Church needs ministers, lay and ordained, with a deep faith who can lead in a changing and diverse world. It needs a wide variety of people and gifts to lead in different ways.

But it also needs more ministers: the workers are few and are getting fewer.

As a Church, we have underinvested in praying for and seeking out this new generation. We have also underinvested in funding their training and ministry.

In this Diocese, our previous approach to Parish Share, the way we resource ministry, intensified this. As parishes did not receive clear and equitable direction on how much to give, many unintentionally deprioritised their responsibility to fund ministry. The gap between Parish Share and ministry costs widened to £1m. To redress the balance, all parishes are now being asked to give at new levels to provide the ministry we need, both now and into the future.

How can you play your part?

Jesus tells us to ask God to send out workers. All vocation is the gracious call of God. We need to pray for Him to renew all vocations among the body of Christ.Encourage others
Who do you see with the faith, character and gifts who God might be calling to ministry? Encourage them to use their gifts and explore their vocation.

Respond yourself
How are you responding to Jesus’ call to follow Him? How are you following Jesus in the spheres of your life, loving God and serving others? Is God calling you to ministry?

Put simply, parishes need more financial resources and to give more of them to Parish Share to invest in the ministry we need – an increase of £1m between 2015 and 2020.

  • Every Christian can give sacrificially to their parish.
  • Clergy and church leaders can teach about generous giving as part of discipleship.
  • PCCs can review their approach to stewardship using Giving for Life, adopt a programme like Giving in Grace and maximise their income through effective Gift Aid processes and joining the Parish Giving Scheme.
  • Finally, PCCs can respond to their Parish Share request in the light of the need, taking responsibility, being generous and having faith.

The Diocese of Bristol has a hopeful future. It has been a privilege to serve this diocese. As I work out the next chapter of my vocation, I will be joining you in praying, encouraging others and giving so that the plentiful harvest might be reaped.

Yours in Christ,

Rt Revd Mike Hill