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June 2018


The Rt Rev Maurice Wood (1916-2007)
Bishop Maurice Wood's prayer seems appropriate for Hardenhuish:

“Make us like a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden; so that men and women and children may find Christ as the light of the world, and his church as the family of the redeemed, and eternal life as the gift of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord”




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Ministry Musings

The question on many people’s lips over the past couple of weeks has been “Did you watch the Royal Wedding?”  It seems the whole world was agog at the marriage of two very special people, Harry and Meghan, who had fallen in love and invited millions across the world to share their day.

During the service, Bishop Michael Curry, the head of the Episcopal Church in America, gave a riveting message on ‘the power of redemptive love’, sparking an amazing response from thousands of people across the world.

Even a well known ex-leader of one of the main political parties, an avowed atheist,  tweeted “Bishop Michael Curry could almost persuade me to become a Christian!”

The power of redemptive love is strong – stronger than life or death.  The passionate love of God towards the human race is a life changer.

This powerful love displayed through Jesus Christ, his death on the cross in mankind’s place, and his resurrection, has destroyed the power of evil and death. It has the amazing power to change people’s lives and ultimately change the world.  

But do we want it to?  God, in his grace, has given us the choice. 

God wants to give us His power, so that in His name, we can be enabled to reach out to a needy world with His love.

As we look around, we see suffering, pain and hurts in the lives of many people;  many who need a miracle of emotional, physical or spiritual healing that can only come from God. This God of love can heal the pain of rejection, abuse, and torment.

There is healing in the name of Jesus. His love and compassion can fill our hearts, giving courage and strength to reach out to others with His healing balm.

We don’t have to be particularly gifted with words.

God simply wants us to have willing hearts that respond by saying “Use me, Lord, to introduce others to you, in any way you see fit”.

Bishop Curry quoted that lovely old African/American spiritual song:-


There is a balm in Gilead,
To make the wounded whole;
There is a balm in Gilead,
To heal the sin-sick soul.


The balm in Gilead, referred to in Jeremiah, in the Old Testament, was the very rare and expensive oily aromatic resin that exuded from trees and shrubs in hot desert countries. It was believed to have healing properties, but only the very rich could afford to have it. 

In chapter 8 : 22, Jeremiah wept for the spiritual brokenness of the wounded Jewish people. He could see  their hurt, frustrations and fear. But he could also see the lack of caring, by both political and religious leaders.

He pleaded with them and with the people to turn to God for guidance and help, but they refused to listen to him.

So he used a picture of the balm as the spiritual healing balm which can only come from God.

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?” He wanted them to see there is spiritual balm available from God if they were willing to accept it.

The song writer  used Jeremiah’s  words  to relate to people the amazing healing power there is in Jesus. He is the balm in Gilead.

His balm can heal nations; it can heal relationships; it can transform the world and it can transform us.

Yes, there is balm in Gilead -  and its there waiting for each one of us to receive.

God bless,




Viv Faull announced as next Bishop of Bristol

Her Majesty the Queen has appointed the Very Revd Vivienne Faull, currently Dean of York, as the 57th Bishop of Bristol.

Viv said: “This is where my family comes from, and so coming here feels like I am returning home.

“It was 24 years ago that Bristol was the first diocese to ordain women as priests, and I want the Diocese to continue to show that pioneering courage.

“I look forward to leading a church that shows the love of Christ to everyone, whoever they are.”

Following a visit to the homeless drop-in at St Luke’s Church, Barton Hill in inner city Bristol, the Bishop Designate spent the day at a village church in Wiltshire, a Church School in Chippenham, and the newly announced Pattern Church in Swindon. She ended her day at the mother Church of the Diocese, Bristol Cathedral.

Viv's mother was brought up in Bristol - her grandparents lived there all their lives; Viv herself was brought up in a village on the Wirral. She taught with Church Mission Society in North India and youth work in Everton before training at St John’s College, Nottingham. She was ordained priest in 1994.

Viv became the first woman to lead a Church of England Cathedral as Provost and then Dean of Leicester in 2000. In 2012, she was appointed Dean of York.

Rt Revd Dr Lee Rayfield, Bishop of Swindon, said: “Having begun to get to know Viv, I am seeing many of the qualities and experience she will bring to this next season of ministry in our Diocese. As the next Bishop of Bristol, Viv will help us to build on what is and has been fruitful while enabling us to make progress in areas where fresh approaches are needed.”

Viv will be consecrated Bishop at a service at St Paul’s Cathedral on 3 July and installed as Bishop of Bristol at Bristol Cathedral on 20 October.

Tom Hunton – Incoming Curate
Tom Hunton will be ordained deacon on Sat 30th June at Bristol Cathedral. The service starts at 3.30pm. It is open, although you will be advised to get there early. Tom is married to Amy and they have three children (Matthew 8 and twins Sophie and Adam 5 on 1st July)

There will be a welcome party for him and his family after the services on Sunday 1st July, his first Sunday with us. This gathering will be in St. Paul’s Hall.


Update from the Hosken Family

Dear Chippenham-area family and friends,
We would like to update on our work during the coming month.

Please speak to one of our Churchwardens Paul Davis or Mark Sheppard who have information about the update from the family.
With blessings,
Debbi, Martin, Chris & Matthew

Women’s Union

Women’s Union Programme of events - Join us at 2.15pm in St. Paul’s Hall. 7th June – Favourite music; 21st June – Recipes we remember; 5th July – Summer Party      Details Barbara Wood Tel: 655413

Dates for the Diary

3rd June 2018 – Open house at the Dunn’s    2pm to 5pm
7th June 2018 – Mission Wiltshire Prayer Walk – John Coles Park 7.30pm
9th June 2018 – St Paul’s Church Hall open morning 10am to 12 Noon
21st to 30th  June 2018 – Mission Wiltshire
30th June 2018 – Ordination of Tom Hunton, Bristol Cathedral 3.30pm
1st  July 2018 – Welcome Party for Hunton Family St Paul’s Church Hall 11.30am to 1pm
3rd July 2018 – St Paul’s Cathedral London-The Very Reverend Vivienne Faull. Consecrated as 57th Bishop of Bristol
29th Nov to 6th Dec 2018 – Trip to the Holy Land, organised by Greenways Benefice
20th October 2018 – Bristol Cathedral -The Very Reverend Vivienne Faull. Installed as the 57th Bishop of Bristol

Benefice Church Hall

We are opening the Church Hall to the community on Saturday 9th June 10am to 12 Noon so they can see what has changed. Could you:

    Make cakes so we can offer refreshments
    Spare an hour or so to help serve the refreshments

    Help set up at 9am or pack up at 12pm

    Be there to welcome and chat to those who come

Please contact Joy Webber (654924) or Helen Trigg (655131) know if you can help.

Contact Details

Priest in Charge, Revd. Simon Dunn Tel: 324944
Associate Minister, Revd. David Kilmister Tel: 650926


Some of our Lay Ministers

Barbara Wood Tel: 655413        
Judith Eckersley Tel:443317
John Moncrieff

Newsletter, Mark Sheppard Tel: 721451
or Dick Wood Tel: 655413