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December 2017


The Rt Rev Maurice Wood (1916-2007)
Bishop Maurice Wood's prayer seems appropriate for Hardenhuish:

“Make us like a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden; so that men and women and children may find Christ as the light of the world, and his church as the family of the redeemed, and eternal life as the gift of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord”




3rd December


Morning Worship


10th December


Holy Communion


17th December


Shine Nativity


17th December


Carols by Candlelight


24th December


First Communion of Christmas


25th December


Christmas Day Family Praise


31st December


Joint Service at St.Paul's



7th January


Morning Worship


7th January


BCP and Tea


14th January


Holy Communion






28th January


Morning Worship






Saying ‘yes’ to God – Rev. Dr Emma Ineson
Women’s Union
Dates for the Diary                     
St. Nicholas Family fun event
Patronal Lunch
Doing Church in Pubs Revd. Nick Hay
Churchyard Tidy up
Charitable Giving                        
St. Nicholas Coffee Morning

Saying 'yes' to God - Rev Dr Emma Ineson


In our latest blog, Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Principal of Trinity College Bristol, reflects on stepping out in faith when God calls us:

One of my favourite pieces of art is a fresco in the monastery of San Marco Florence by the 15th century Dominican friar and artist, Fra Angelico, showing the scene where the angel Gabriel brings the news to Mary that she will give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. The painting is at the top of the stairs which led to the monks’ cells. They would pause on the landing, and kneel before it, before going to their rooms for prayer, rest or study. Seeing Mary saying her ‘yes’ to God was a reminder of their own call to respond daily with their, equally obedient, ‘yes’.

I still remember so clearly the moment I said ‘yes’ to God. I was sitting in church at an Advent service, 24 years old and pregnant with our first child. I had been wrestling with a thought that God might be calling me to become a Vicar. ‘Don’t be ridiculous!’, I’d said to God, “I’m far too young. And female. And expecting. It’s ridiculous!”. As if by way of a response, the reading came from Luke chapter 1, the same scene depicted in the Far Angelico painting of the Annunciation. It suddenly struck me in that moment that God always had used young, pregnant women in his plans. And I was simply being asked to become a vicar, not to bear the Christ-child, so what was I worrying about? I heard God saying to me ‘Don’t be afraid. Nothing is impossible with me’. In that moment that I said my ‘yes’ to God’s call.

Now, many years on, in my role as Principal of Trinity College where women and men study and train to be vicars, and for other roles in the church, I am delighted to see God calling increasing numbers of younger women to ordained ministry. So much so that we now have our women’s rugby team - the Trinity Wolves! All of them in their own way, and in their own time, have said their ‘yes’ to God.

In the scene of the Annunciation, Gabriel reassures Mary that God will be with her. And in that moment, Mary takes him at his word, ludicrous as it sounds, and says, “Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word." Mary's ‘yes’.

When God calls us to step out and do something for him, often our natural reaction is to protest that it isn't possible, we aren't up to it, there are a thousand reasons why he really should consider someone else. But God has a way of calming our fears, if we will let him.

Male or female, younger or older, I wonder what God might be calling you to say ‘yes’ to this Advent? As we ascend the stairs and pause on the landing on our way up to Christmas, will we kneel, and join Mary in saying: ‘Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word’?


Chippenham Churches together Carols at the railway station – Monday 18th December 5pm

We will be singing carols from 5pm onwards, so please come and join in, the more the merrier


Patronal Lunch

There will be a Bring and Share Fellowship Lunch at Langley Burrell Village Hall at 12.30pm for 1pm on Sun 3 Dec. All are welcome. Anyone wishing to come, please ring Debbie on 01249 656636 This will follow the 10.30am Toy Service at St. Nicholas Church.


St. Nicholas Churchyard

A big thank you to all those who joined the churchyard tidy up working party on Saturday 11th November.

This annual event helps keep the churchyard looking good for all to appreciate.


St Nicholas Open Door

An opportunity for all to come together to pray, have a coffee, chat, in an informal way as we seek God's guidance for the future.

The Church will be open for Prayer / Coffee / Chat every Tuesday morning 10:30 - 11:30

All welcome, do pop in!

If anyone would like to join the rota to help with this, please speak to Judith (443317)


Charitable Giving

The PCC decided at its half year financial review to donate 10% of its last six months income to be shared between Julia’s House, The Bible Society, Alabare Christian Care and Support and Wycliffe Bible Translators.


St. Nicholas Coffee Morning

On Saturday 9th December 10am to noon a  Coffee morning is being held at the home of the Loveday family. Please do come along and support this annual event.

Delivery of Christmas Service Cards

A big thank you to all those involved in the preparation and delivery of the Christmas Service Cards.


Doing church in pubs - Revd Nick Hay



In our latest blog, Revd Canon Nick Hay, Area Dean of Bristol South Deanery, explores finding a church community in the pub.

I’ve always loved pubs.

My Mum and Dad loved pubs. My Dad would drive around with me on Christmas Day, looking for a pub that was open (but never a church!); I joined the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) aged 17; I played in several bands that gigged in pubs every week - I could go on but you get the picture!

I reckon pubs are places of community - a bit like churches. My dissertation at college was on “The Church and the Pub”. I even did a church plant in a pub called the Rovers Return on an estate in Blackburn.

So St Paul’s Church in Southville now runs a monthly event based in a pub called The Sunday Sessions.

The idea is to provide a space for people to have a pint, have a chat, hear some music, listen to some poetry, engage with an interesting speaker and ask them questions. It’s creativity and performance plus interesting topics as varied as Fake News, Religion and Science, Working with the Homeless - or sometimes people talking about their faith and how it impacts their lives.

We tend to get about 30 people, some of whom are church, some who are not but who feel okay in the pub. Thirty is probably enough; if we got any bigger, I reckon we’d lose the really friendly vibe that people seem to enjoy. And anyway, I don’t like big pubs!

The Sunday Sessions have been running for about two years now. I continue to love it and even have to ask people from church not to come - it’s always really packed and we want people that don’t go to church to fill those seats!


Women’s Union

Women’s Union Programme of events - Join us at 2.15pm in St. Paul’s Hall or when this is unavailable St. Paul’s Church. 

2017 Dates


December 14th




2018 Dates


January 4th


New Year Party

January 18th



February 1st


Celebrate Scotland

February 15th


Children's Society

March 1st


Annual General Meeting

March 15th


Bring Summer into Winter

March 29th


Maundy Thursday service


Please Note - when the hall is unavailable meetings will be held in St. Paul's Church

Details Barbara Wood Tel: 655413

Dates for the Diary

2nd December 2017 – Advent quiet day at St. Paul’s 10am to 3pm

2nd December 2017 – Family afternoon at St. Nicholas – crafts, storytelling and refreshments

3rd December 2017 – Toy Service / Patronal Festival service at St. Nicholas followed by a Patronal lunch.

9th December 2017 – Coffee morning until noon, 54 Bristol Road

17th December 2017 – Nativity Service

17th December 2017 – Carols by Candlelight at St. Nicholas 6.30pm

19th December 2017 – Carol singing in the St. Nicholas parish 6.15pm

24th December 2017 – First Communion of Christmas 9.00pm

25th December 2017 – Christmas Family praise 10.30am

31st  December 2017 – Benefice Service at St. Pauls church 10am

7th January 2018 – Morning Worship St. Nicholas

7th January 2018 – BCP & Tea


St Nicholas Family Fun Christmas Event

This is being held on Saturday 2nd December between 3pm-4.30pm. There will be crafts, biscuit making, storytelling and refreshments.


Contact Details

Priest in Charge, Revd. Simon Dunn Tel: 445816

Associate Minister, Revd. David Kilmister Tel: 650926

Some of our Lay Ministers

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Barbara Wood Tel: 655413        

Judith Eckersley Tel:443317       

Newsletter, Mark Sheppard Tel: 721451
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