The Rev Mervyn Canby AKC, photograph taken in 1955.


This photograph above was taken at the induction of the Rev. Mervyn Candy at St. Nicholas, Hardenuish on the 7th November 1955.

The Churchwardens are Mr. W. Gool Slade (on the left) and Mr. S.W.H. Dann (on the right). Stood on Mervyn's right is the Bishop, the Rt Rev. Charles Saunders; stood on Mervyn's left is Miss Christian, patron. The Archdeacon of Swindon, the Ven. Leonard Cornwell  is standing next to Mr. Dann. Standing at the back between the Bishop and the Rev. Canby is Rev. Brocklebank.

The Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Canby