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There are no door-to-door collections this year. You can donate directly to Christian Aid via their web page at better still
Sponsor  Bishop Lee on his virtual bike ride!

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The complexity of the season - Bishop Lee writes

Little did I know that when I first wrote about my cycling accident and began reflecting on it in the light of the opening to Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 - To everything there is a season - how that season would develop and be subsumed into the Covid-19 pandemic.

As I write, I am on the threshold of being formally signed ‘back on’; sufficiently healed in body for a phased return to my duties in the diocese. In mid-March, x-rays showed that my bones had healed well enough to begin weight-bearing and since then I have made slow but steady progress to be able to walk again.

I know that self-discipline in relation to a multitude of exercises prescribed by my physiotherapist has been fundamental to this. That said, I have also been acutely aware of being held in prayer by so many over such a protracted period. I am truly grateful to you for this, and it has made all the difference.

Without saying too much at this point, I have really struggled with my personal season. As I outlined in a previous posting, the wise counsel of two people in particular helped me to ‘lean in’ to my need simply to rest – and I did this. They encouraged me to see this season as one of ‘lying fallow’.

Yet as someone with a natural tendency to look on the positive side, I have also had to own that lying fallow has often felt like being in the wilderness and struggled to find any sense of gift in it. Nevertheless, the conviction I had as I was being treated by the paramedics, that God would use what had happened to bless, has been coming back into my consciousness.

I have sensed that my experience of being confined to a single room for over two months offers some insights which may resonate with others and perhaps serve them in these testing times. I now need to turn these into bite-sized reflections and hope this piece will not only act as an introduction to those but a driver for me delivering them. The first piece will be entitled ‘Sacred space’.

Bishop Lee


A message from our treasurer, Jane,

"St Nicholas Church is pleased to have been able to give donations of £156.25 to each of:
Salvation Army Foodbank
The RISE Trust

in response to their appeals relating to the Covid19 crisis."



Dick says:-
This year just under a £1000 was raised through 'Children's boxes.

This is less than last year - the society needs your help!

If you would like a 'children's box' to support the Children's Society please see Mary Clarke
(Thank you Mary for all the work you do for this good cause!)

Dick says

I have been reading a lot more books lately. This book by Jonathon Bryan (Our very own Archdeacon's son) is one of the best written I have come accross. It is available from all good book shops and online too.

It is a really powerful book and part of the proceeds go towards the charity "Teach Us Too:" - A charity promoting the right for all children to be taught to read and write, whatever their label or diagnosis.

Department for Education has just tweeted "Congratulations to special educational needs advocate Jonathan Bryan @eyecantalk His charity work with @TeachUsToo has been recognised by the Prime Minister for a Points of Light award"


Dick says:-

St. Nicholas' school is a purpose built specialist school, it is for young people with a wide range of problems.

It is currently under threat of closure. Could you please pray for all those affected by the loss of this valuable resource to Chippenham.

Please remember …

Our churchyard is a lovely, peaceful place, despite its proximity to the road.
Many people come to tend the graves of those they have loved and lost, and spend a few moments remembering them.
Sadly, recent visitors have been distressed to find the area being inappropriately used by someone exercising a dog.
We welcome everyone to come and visit the churchyard, but please remember that for many it is the last resting place of someone they loved, and they regard it as a sacred space.



If you would like to help with floral decorations for St. Nicholas please see Mary Clarke


The Parochial Church Council
(PCC) for 2019 - 2020 consists of Churchwardens Paul Davis and Derek Boulton; Treasurer Jane Woodman, Secretary Suzanne Boulton and Deanery Representative Angela McClean. Other members are Judith Eckersley and Cynthia Smith. Rev Simon Dunn is Chairman. The team clergy are also members. Electoral roll officer is Mary Clarke.

To see the minutes please ask Suzanne.


Dates for your diary!

Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM) 22nd April
3rd July 2020 – St Nicholas Musical Evening with End of the Track and Harmonics (more details next month)
PCC July 15th
PCC September 16th
PCC November 18th

Archdeacons Visitation May 14th at Marshfield

Women’s Union


2020 Dates


12 March 2020



26 March 2020



9 April 2020




Meetings will be held in St. Paul's Church Hall at 2:15




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