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June 2019


The Rt Rev Maurice Wood (1916-2007)
Bishop Maurice Wood's prayer seems appropriate for Hardenhuish:

“Make us like a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden; so that men and women and children may find Christ as the light of the world, and his church as the family of the redeemed, and eternal life as the gift of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord”



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Ministry Musings

The month of June tends to fill me with a mixture of emotions. There is usually the slight shock of disbelief that we are nearly halfway through the year, but also the delight of midsummer and anticipation of the summer holidays. Nowadays of course, June also brings us an opportunity to celebrate fathers, with Father’s Day, which this year falls on June 16th.

Of course, not everyone has a good relationship with their father, which must cause them some pain when others are sharing a special day with a father figure. Also this can make the Christian idea of referring to God as Father uncomfortable and difficult.

Relationships are so important to us, and over the years I’ve become convinced that God created us humans so we could have a relationship with Him – and this comes on many different levels according to our needs and our maturity. In its wisdom the Church refers to God as the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit - a way of describing the various characteristics of God, and many of us feel we ‘know’ one part of God better than others.

I think calling Him Father is sort of ‘shorthand’ for acknowledging the aspects of God one might attribute to a loving parent, for example advice, correction, guidance and, above all, love. Sometimes we can get rather bogged down by using such words as almighty and eternal, used to describe our God who is not physically visible and is not tied down by time or distance. This can give us the impression He is a mysterious, distant figure, but I am confident that He wants us to get to know Him better, that He is ever present with us, and is approachable and willing to be our companion always.

Talking and listening to God is a good way of getting to know Him, and we have Jesus and His Spirit to help us in this. God’s Son, Jesus, was born into a human family, and knew what it was like to share a home with brothers and sisters, earn a living and face opposition from those who hated Him. He is someone who is probably easier to relate to, and is a good example for us.

God’s Spirit also is there to help us understand and relate to God, prompting, guiding and comforting us, especially at difficult times.

As you turn to God to talk to and listen to Him, maybe words of a prayer attributed to Richard of Chichester might be helpful.

They are:

May we know you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day.

May you know God’s blessings and find a closer relationship with Him as the months pass.                  Barbara


An Extract from “The West Chippenham Sun – April 1978”

St. Nicholas’ Church by    Charles Howell


On the outskirts, of Chippenham's busy town .
Stands a Georgian building of renown.
It is the lovely St. Nicholas' Church
Surrounded by trees of oak and birch.
But, sad to say, some spaces we see
Where lovely elms used to be.

Situated high on Hardenhuish hill
Proclaiming to all of God's good Will
Designed by architect John Wood.
If you've not seen it, then you should.
There it's stood for many years
Scene of many joys, many tears .

As you wend your way to it's door
Pause a while for a minute or more.
See this Church of unique design
Showing strength and beauty - all that's fine.
And just below in fields of green
Chippenham's modern schools be seen.

As you enter the Church so clean and neat,
Be sure on the mat to wipe your feet.
The carpets are of a pleasing blue,
While the pews are coloured a pale grey hue.
High above is the organ loft,
From which comes music loud and soft.

The church brass shines just like gold.,
Polished regularly, so I'm told.
On the church altar, small and neat
Lovely flowers in vases, the scene complete.
Nearby stands a lovely chair,
And a small oak table is also there.

On Sunday morn, at the eighth hour
The bell rings from it's miniature tower,
Pulled below by a hefty cord
Announcing Communion with our Lord.
There stands the handsome bearded priest
Preparing for the Sacred Feast.

There's a Matins service at eleven
With hymns and prayers and talk of Heaven.
But if for a later service you long,
Then twice a month is Evensong.
There's a family service at ten a.m. too,
So if you've children that's fine for you.

Opposite lovely St. Nicholas' Church
Is a rectory for which many search.
'Cos here Kilvert the diarist was born,
And whose early death so many did mourn.
His father for a while was a rector here
Then at Langley Burrell, a church quite near.

Young Kilvert too became a priest,
Tho' from his writing never ceased.
He often wrote of this countryside,
His fame extends both far and wide
But, sad to say, he died in his prime
Just before he was thirtynine.

In your public library take a look,
There you will find more than one book
Of Kilvert's diaries, in fact volumes three,
With lots to interest you and me.
Read of his wanderings thro' villages here,
Some of which are to many most dear.

In the church there is a plate,
On the wall commemorating his birth date.
There's one on-the former rectory too
Already known by quite a few,
Place there by the Kilvert Society,
Remembering his writing and his piety.

What more can we say of St. Nicholas' Church?
It's God's house, no need for further search
There is a hearty welcome there for you,
So take a place in a pew.
We trust you'll be glad that you came,
And what's more come again and again.

Charles Howell, who wrote this poem in 1978, was a Chippenham man who lived in Park Avenue until he emigrated to South Africa around 1990. He was a faithful member of St. Nicholas church. Charles was a man full of sunshine and good humour and he was always writing verse. It vividly portrayed the world around him, largely relating to local situations and places. He wrote many thoughtful and entertaining verses in the 1970’s and 1980’s for the “West Chippenham Sun” that had a wide circulation in this part of Chippenham and the other side of the railway line. Courtesy of Alan Scotford – St Andrews Church - Chippenham

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